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In 2023, AINI organized the most ambitious EQAS to date. In fact, 47 Italian and foreign laboratories have been included in the current EQAS, 16 more than in the 2022 EQAS. 10 different schemes are affected by this EQAS (oligoclonal bands, anti-AQP4, anti-MOG, anti-neuronal antigens of surface, anti-onconeural antigens, anti-gangliosides, anti-MAG, anti-paranodal antigens, anti-ACHR, anti-MUSK), which involve the use of 45 adequately aliquoted biological samples. EQAS 2023 included the following phases: EEM, as the organizational secretariat of AINI responsible for EQAS, sent a survey in Google format to all the Italian laboratories that are part of the AINI network. In [...]

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Neuroimmunological diagnostics has accelerated incredibly in recent years, thanks to identifying many antibodies directed against neuronal and glial proteins, which represent fundamental markers for diagnosing neurological autoimmune diseases. In these diseases, which may include autoimmune encephalitis, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders, syndromes associated with anti-MOG antibodies, and myasthenia gravis, among others, antibodies may also have pathogenetic relevance, justifying the use of drugs immunosuppressants that block its production or function capable of leading to significant clinical improvements. The relevance of antibodies in identifying diseases that can be treated with specific therapeutic procedures has placed enormous pressure on neuroimmunology laboratories, which are required [...]

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To identify the main critical issues of the Italian laboratories dedicated to neuroimmunological diagnostics, the Italian Association of Neuroimmunology (AINI) organizes an external quality control (External Quality Assessment Scheme, EQAS) from various sources. The principle of EQAS is to have a coordinating laboratory circulate several samples to be tested on different laboratory tests that cover the main areas of neuroimmunological diagnostics. Through the concordance or discordance of the results, it is then possible to identify: The performance level of each individual laboratory The level of standardization of specific diagnostic areas Any reasons that may explain the poor standardization, such as [...]

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