The Italian Association of Neuroimmunology (AINI) was established several years ago, in 1998, and Lina Matera assumed its Presidency. During the conference organized by Prof. Domenico Gambi in Chieti at the end of October 1998, the election of the Board of Directors took place; Marisa Marrosu was elected President and Gianvito Martino Secretary, supported by six Councillors. The main objective was to create a structure that simultaneously promoted research activities and educational initiatives in the field of neuroimmunology through the commitment of researchers with interests in different areas such as neurology, immunology, biology, pharmacology, biochemistry, genetics, and clinical pathology. In these years, AINI, continuing the tradition of the GNI, has played a fundamental role in promoting the scientific and cultural growth of neuroimmunology in Italy as evidenced by the constant increase in members whose number today is close to 300, mostly young researchers, and the growing participation in the annual conference.